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Policeman exhorts villagers to collectivize

Routine ID check on the street. Those without a job were arrested

Police check the harvest

Policemen check for "illegal" merchandise

Police seminar - pictures of Rákosi, Stalin and Lenin on the wall

"Activists" enforced the collectivization and assured the votes

Indoctrination started at an early age. All children had to join the Young Pioneers

Young Pioneers were expected to spy on their parents

The villages were stuck in the middle ages

Village kids

In the cities, people spent hours every day standing in lines for basic goods - if they could get them at all


Olympic champion boxer, Papp Laci became a folk hero for his outspokenness

Entire villages were turned into labor camps

10% of the population were in camps

The Iron Curtain was impenetrable

Watchtower at the Andau Bridge on the Austrian border